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  1. Yesterday
  2. I have not altered of its placement nor of its existence, as its repurpose were yet unclear.
  3. Do you have the ID's of these items?
  4. This has been resolved.
  5. Do they work now does anyone know? Could someone check please
  6. Merged with lashtal's thread
  7. Has anyone been able to reproduce this or shall I close it for now?
  8. Were you able to reproduce it? @Kaya
  9. So we think this is due to the heads feature?
  10. @Aia del Mana did you fix this, or did we just leave it as it is?
  11. Unless anyone can prove otherwise, I'm going to go with not a bug. I will close this next month or sometime
  12. @Fang Archbane did that work?
  13. Can someone try with only four casts to see if its working now?
  14. If you find a forum link pointing to the old location please post here
  15. This has been resolved.
  16. I appear to have gotten it working and have committed some new code! Fingers crossed it stays that way.
  17. No problem. I should be more careful.
  18. Last week
  19. yeah, right that was it i was trying to find out why you dont see that or if something changed sorry for not saying that in a reply to your question
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