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The Rewards


The rewards of the Character Design Challenge. :)

Catnip Toy Mouse
"A toy mouse filled with catnip to calm even the most active kitteh."

Staff of Lunar Consecration
"The staff of the high priestess of the Eclipse. A humble oaken staff carved from a sapling that grew by moonlight and never saw the sun's rays. Its user may channel the Moon's life-bringing light."

Moon Chalice
"A silver chalice; forged from pure silver extracted from moonstone. One who holds this may channel of the moon's heat. It is said that the presence of the aurora comes from the release of celestial power from this chalice."

Illusionists Meteor
"A small glowing orb which found its way into Fang's hands Oh-So-Many days ago. With it came power, and responsibility. This meteor is his key to helping all others. It is his lifeline to the people"

Marind Bell Treasury Keys
"These keys allow one access to the hidden vaults of Marind Bell."


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