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  1. theres no lang string for that arrow, so unfortunately it can't be fixed right now, phase 2 soon
  2. heat veins are a set of directions that point out of a scene in a specific direction, they require an item called a toy skateboard to move around on. they can be quite difficult to get as the item requires a lot of different items to make. there might be some fun surprises if you can somehow get your hands on one ,but they are not required to play the game and access most of the normal areas.
  3. there's no limit! and there's also no requirement. you can play the combat as much or as little as you would like, the community here is much more than just creature fighting. the only limitation is alliances require mp4, but joining one is also not required to communicate with others, they are entirely optional.
  4. each scene has something called a Coord (coordinate) , either on the scene, or under it, depending on which view you are using. the best first step would be to write down where you have been and try to make a map. it will be slow going, but you will get out eventually if you can rule out where you've already been! the other option is to use the live help button, that way someone can come and help you if you truly are stuck and can't find your way out
  5. i keep getting attacked and no one will stop, and i can't heal my creatures because they just get killed over and over, how can i do something about this?
  6. i just hit mp5 and i see so many people with much better and rarer creatures than me, but i can't find them in any of the places i go looking to recruit, how do i get them?
  7. he did, but its optional, so if the only one he could get a purchase of is a max level one, he doesnt have to decline it just because it's max
  8. if it's traded it'll reset its level anyway
  9. GG finished. need phase2 lang for: 1_-4x-4_1 1_-3x-3_1 1_-3x-2_1 1_-4x-1_2 1_-4x-1_3 1_-4x-1_1 1_-4x-1_4 1_-5x0_2 1_-3x-4_2 1_-3x-4_3
  10. i fixed it. created a dummy item to switch one of the strings to, then corrected the other one, correct the one connected to the dummy item, then deleted the dummy item
  11. since i'm done with NC, i'll go ahead and get GG done as well, since no one else has started that one, i'll get that started likely tomorrow
  12. NC is finished apart from a few issues: 1_3x-2_2 no lang strings 1_3x-2_1 action_2 seems to have no scene clicky 1_2x-3_1 2 "enter" strings linked them to the same clicky for now 1_3x0_1 no lang script for enter deathmarrow 1_3x0_2 no lang script for leave deathmarrow all "dead" clickies left alone till phase2
  13. As Queen of Necrovion i would like to say that the revival of Magohi makes no stance on the current conflict regarding Granos, and we do not wish to get involved. His revival was done as a service that he has paid for. Necrovion will always provide such services if they are available and people are willing to pay the price, though, perhaps they may not always like what that price entails...
  14. i would be interested in the discussion, though i'm unsure if i would be a part of the new "LHO", team as i'm probably not the best fit for that role these days
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