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  1. In that case, "rain" may be vital energy, "heat" or the thing that keeps the tree alive... He needs that energy to bloom and will be in sorrow if not have it... Provide that energy and you will be alleviating his sorrow...
  2. I noticed the same . VP never recharge completly...
  3. "Spirit Resonance," "Bone Method" "Correspondence to the Object" "Suitability to Type" "Division and Planning" "Transmission by Copying"
  4. My menu: Occultism in general: - Franz Bardon Hermetic System. - Thelema and Magick - Projeciology (Astral Projection) - AMORC (Open and Public Knowledge only...) - Chaos Magick (The 40 Servants, Fotamecus, Abralas...) - IOT (Illuminates of Thanateros)(Open and Public Knowledge only...) Related to my RL work: - Brazilian Tax System - Brazilian accessory obligations - Bookkeeping and Accounting Other: - D&D and others tabletop RPGs - Old JRPGs and strategy games - Horror movies - Brazilian Portuguese
  5. “THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental.”–The Kybalion.

  6. Dhyone

    New Weather

    A component for this spell may be a bunch of Golemus dust... Conjuring the forces of Golemus, through the dust and magical will to create a devastating dust storm ...
  7. Dhyone

    New Weather

    Very interesting indeed... We not have many dry lands in MD for a dust storm be a common event, but certainly it could find its way by magic. The abrasive effect of the storm should affect the plants as well, wiping completely the herbs of an area or depleting these resources very fast...
  8. I usually do not accumulate many days. In reset, I think it's drops 2 points per missed day...
  9. Dhyone

    On stupidity

    Age is teaching you how to be empathic. That is one of the best things you can be in life... Life gets a little easier when you understand what motivates other people, and not just judge by your feelings...
  10. Nice. But that creature would also steal Valor/Winertia Points (not max points or permanently 🤚) from the owner to launch a massive attack. Perhaps a greed's demon/fiend would do this...
  11. Maybe would be interesting a creature able to steal valor/Winertia Points... like a thief would steal money...
  12. @Aia del Mana, the Alliance is still having this structure? Does it have some new recruitment requisites?
  13. No. Not that I know of... I have nothing that can change max Ap. The only spell I know is invisibility 1
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