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  1. Topic closed, Thanks to Mag and Fyrd , you both provided more than enough for what i need!
  2. I am working on a new interface page, to show corelations between items. I need your help building this page, so here is what i need: Tell me about item corelations ALREADY EXISTING at this moment. I need _exact_ item name (copy pasted pls) and what could it turn to (also copy pasted item name), and what items places (coords) or circumstances are needed for that particular transformation to happen. For example to build you Molima you need x, y, z items. Imagine it will be a sort of branched legend showing all possible items and what they could turn into, and what items are required to obtain them. Please send these to me in private, as it would be too much of a spoiler to post them publicly. In the end, the page will show only the items that you own, for example: Item A ---> Item B, C ---> Item ??? -> Item ??? ----> Item F The final structure and information of this page will be decided based on what info you will provide, and more about this later. Your help is very useful because there are lots of things i no longer know about but you might know, and it would be incredibly time consuming for me to re-discover all by checking locations, and logs. Please describe ONLY EXISTING CORELATIONS Thank you
  3. its important if the error shows when clicking a navigational arrow , or if it shows on its own without clicking anything, like the issue on gwi. I changed the error msg to be more clear if its caused by autorun code, and i am thinking to make it just silently refresh instead of the cache error.
  4. I enabled a forum feature called "Clubs". I must say, i have no clue if it is not confusing or it is super nice feature, but i will let you decide that. Feedback is welcome, and for a month or more, consider this experimental. At the end of the experimental period i will ask you to vote if to keep this feature or not, and we will discuss its potential uses. If the clubs get used and i see relevant content there, voting will be skipped and we keep them. One potential use of clubs would be for really offtopic , but well organized content. I would open for example a club related to watchmaking, or cooking, and allow there anyone that is interested. Using clubs as an equivalent of in-game guilds is also a possibility, but in such case it will need heavy moderation. Have fun
  5. :))) awesome, made my day
  6. So, we moved to a different domain, slightly different forum software due to its licence and changed options. Now let the bug reports flow. I am sure there are still issues with it, so if you encounter any please post it, so me or @Chewett can work to fix them. The new forum has several advantages over the old one, and i am hoping to finally be able to make it bring new players in MD. The old forum had a traffic restriction, and possibly the google rankings where severely affected by it. Also, as a future plan, i intend to connect the forum much better with the game itself, and i already have a list of ideas i want to implement. ..but first lets make it work as it is I really hope you like the new domain, myself i like it very much, i am glad i could find such a domain.
  7. your votes but most of all your arguments are clear to me. right click will be enabled back. Thank you for your feedback
  8. I would like to know if the disabled right click bothers any of you and if you think its better with it or without it. From your own personal perspective please, don't make assumptions for others The poll voting is just for inspiration, i will consider the poll score, but i will also consider your explanations more than the simple votes. Thank you
  9. I have reviewed your feedback, and even if the score of the poll is slightly in favor of doing this change, i have decided not to do this change afterall. Thank you all for your very valuable feedback.
  10. I am planning to change top lists such as most popular and other, to include only people active in the last 7 days. Ofc as soon as other login they will take their place back on the list where they should be, but while they are not active they wont show there. The bad thing i see, is that this might 'promote' less worthy people, due to the low number of active people at times, and make some legendary but inactive people be forgotten faster. The good thing is that the lists will make more sense if showing active people and not long gone ghosts of the past. Opinions, sugestions? Thanks
  11. Killing items are not easy to come by, and where they can be used without limit, such as nc deathguard, the rules must apply for all, otherwise mp5 will make mp3 accounts to avoid death. If someone wants to waste a kill on a mp3, it is probably for a reason. The problem right now is that being dead is just an other cool thing to try out, without any sort of real damage...and this leads to abuse. A would say a considerable (but not absurd) skill damage would be good. Maybe 5% ?
  12. Please answer clearly to this: 1) You said : "So only one of the 2 attackbonus is working." Could you detail that pls? 2) also, put it simple, (its super hard for me to follow fight logs) what is the way it currently works and how was it supposed to be 3) Are you talking about something that used to work right and suddenly it changed, or something that you just noticed its not working as described. Know these i hope to be able to understand the error, if it is one, and its cause. Thanks
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