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  1. I was wondering if this game was still around and active. Just thought I would say hello to anyone who remembers UP!
  2. [quote name='Kyphis the Bard' date='01 December 2009 - 04:49 PM' timestamp='1259707757' post='48871'] Personally I think this is dead on target, Kamisha. But if skill damage was to go, to help prevent the stat farming through honor from returning I would suggest that the loss cap is different for each MP level. First at MP3 1000, then at MP4 750, then at MP5 500. I like Skill damage. I don't think it should be removed, and I think Kamisha's idea is a good one (so long as 1000 is a hard coded loss cap and not a psychological one). But because this will mean more people will operate from the region of skill damage, I think it best if there is also an adjustment to the caps anyway (as I suggested prior) [/quote] I think lowering the cap would be a fantastic idea. But as far as you like skilldamage?? People used to be on MD 24/7, you could find any range and calibur of opponent in 1 room. Now people don't want losses to pile up, so they only get done what they need to and get out. Stat farming is going to go on no matter how hard they try to limit it, some people just like to fight. But they wont be stat farming via bonus xp anymore, Only good old fashioned fighting. It shouldn't keep everyone from still spending the better part of their day online here. Having the cap lowered would reduce the amount of honor lost by some, but not as much as you think. I believe rewarding those balanced or close to it more somehow, so that they dont suffer the honor penalties would be a good idea to include in there.
  3. [quote name='dst' date='01 December 2009 - 03:28 PM' timestamp='1259702881' post='48863'] The cap should stay otherwise I will go back to my 2500 more loses then wins. But the skill damage could go. Although I, personally, will probably try to keep my balance because right now it is far more better then the other option.This means that I will not put easier rits... [/quote] Thats fantastic, i always enjoyed trying to take out more powerful rits through some strategy and some luck. Im sure many others are also balanced and wouldn't set up easier rituals either. I still believe a more "reward the balanced" instead of "punish the unbalanced" method would work better. And as far as the coding goes, i do not know what went into implementing this change. (I mean cmon he could leave the skilldamage code in there and change numbers to 0's as a quick fix, albiet sloppy) Im merely making a poll to see if others feel like i do and miss playing for hours and hours a day. I am hoping the results of this poll come out favorably and perhaps Mur will change something. I just honestly feel like this is the key reason as to why when i log online i see no one to fight with.
  4. [quote name='Firsanthalas' date='01 December 2009 - 02:36 PM' timestamp='1259699803' post='48859'] I'll say one thing. In my opinion (and it is only that) it seems that people are setting much tougher def rits in general. A lot of people seem concerend with getting losses and especially with tokens, are setting some rather hard def rits. Now this might sound whiny and Im waiting for a barrage of comments like 'you just aren't doing it right', or 'I don't have a problem' but I really do feel that its getting harder and harder to score wins with more mundane creatures and rits. So before you start slagging me off, build a rit with untokened and fairly unlevelled critters and start going around attacking people in general and see how you get on. And I mean attacking people at least, if not more powerful than you are, not picking off weaker prey. Please think in particular of the people that have made the transition from MP4 to MP5. Its these that are generally the most vulnerable and can find it very tough to adjust and get used to it. They very much are small fish in a big sea when they join MP5 ranks. In the old days, there were people that would set rits that were much easier to defeat and also would look for losses from time to time. Now, it seems no MP5 wants a loss and that in itself seems contrary to the concept of balance. [/quote] Well said sir! Someone else understands what i mean about it messing up our MD! Skill damage does, in fact, make people set up much tougher defenses for fear of losing and getting into the stat loss area. Good Point thanks bro!
  5. I dont think ya'll are reading my post right. I didn't say remove the loss cap. Im not proposing this so i can start stat farming again. Im proposing this so that people will actually stay online more. Wasn't it great when you could log on at any time of day and find suitable people to train on and kill? Wasn't it awesome when GGG wasn't the primary training ground. What im saying is MANY PEOPLE DO NOT LEAVE THEIR CHARACTERS ONLINE WHEN THEY GET DONE PLAYING. But it used to be the norm. I think it would be an improvement to the game. I think it would keep more people online playing each day. Down with Skill Damage!
  6. Sure it was for a reason, but i believe the effects of it are more damaging than what was going on before. And im not suggesting he remove the loss cap, just make it to where people wouldn't be scared to set up for 6 hours on idle. Kill the skilldamage!
  7. Who loves to fight? Who hates skilldamage?

  8. I believe Skill Damage should be removed. Many people would stay online more often if they didn't fear losing stat points. It is my belief that more people would play the game, and stay online for longer periods of time. I realise there are probably multiple issues as to why it was implemented, (Server load, stat farming, etc...) but i believe another route could be taken to try an ensure more people are online and playing. The days of GoE and Willow's Shop being primary training grounds has long been dead. I propose we get rid of the biggest obstacle to having a popular place to fight. Vote for skill damage to be taken out of MD! I'm not saying remove the loss cap. Just possibly instead of punishing those with too many losses, perhaps we should reward those who are able to keep balance.
  9. now that's some unbelievable power. :P ... not many people commenting here,

  10. Are prison and bans really the same? My alts were all not able to see the prison....They were banned due to multiple accout sanction. (Or something close) I've still yet to see the prison, gazebo didnt like me when the tour was open.
  11. [quote name='Fenrir Greycloth' date='13 September 2009 - 09:12 PM' timestamp='1252894343' post='41710'] Well now that I have read that, I am still against it. The whole point you put them on alts is to make room for other critters? Right? Leave them where they are. They are still there, you can still look at them and know that they exist right? [/quote] So I am wrong for keeping useless(to me) creatures on my alts? Things that I've had since my earliest days, premium creatures I bought, etc?? I'm here to kill and train up my creatures, stats, and principles. Cleaning house on your army to put creatures you'll never use on alts is not bad. Why didn't we just kill them for xp and stats?? Useless as they may be in the whole training process, they must mean something, right? They mean enough to us that we feel they should be kept. Why would we need to age things that already have (and have had) the required age to be maxed? Why did we pass on the stats and xp?? C'mon man get real.
  12. Lifelines alts were banned for doing something everyone does or has done. While the amount of tormenteds might have been a little ridiculous, this is another situation where i believe a little warning about the problem wouldve served better than banning. Lifeline is a very smart guy. If he would've known this was a problem he wouldve rectified it. People, come together and support one of the best players MD has ever had. And perhaps the guidelines on alt use should be revised so that others dont commit banable offenses. I don't feel like Lifeline has done anything serious enough to warrant a ban. Many have did much much worse. And keep his words true to your heart....this could be you in his situation. And to answer the above question, my alts that i actually play were all returned (except for one slightly younger than UP, but he was a dirty mp3 and probably better for you all hes banned) Join me in helping out another great member of this community. Vote for the return of his alts.
  13. [quote name='Muratus del Mur' date='27 August 2009 - 01:58 PM' timestamp='1251399515' post='40344'] positive voting, congrats, means you get SOME of your alts back, as you asked . Please send me list with those you want. ... and i hope I wont see them used again for the same purpose. [/quote] Indeed i will not sir. I Highly enjoy this world and its people and do not want to be removed from it.
  14. Sounds like a good idea. Many people would like visible awards for various achievements. I cannot see how this would be bad in any way.
  15. So much...power! It's Unbelieveable! heh, hiya, fellow draco-spear fan.

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