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  1. Oh jeeze. My embarasing thread came back to life. Well at least everyones changed the subject. I would like to hope people wouldn't consider stats when joining the different lands. It should coincide with their characters temperament.
  2. The easiest way to spot its a scam is looking at who actually sent it to you. The email address is pretty lame, as is the overall aesthetics of the email itself. If I were you I would give them fake info and see how much of their time you can waste. (That is of course if it isn't all run by a bot.)
  3. Ok cool. I see now. All very valid points. I like this wave of patriotism coming through though. Heh heh. I like ladydawns idea of having a set apart area specifically for conquering purposes, That way it doesn't step on anybodies toes. I guess the Alliance or guild that win the comp would Be set up as defenders during the next competition.
  4. Ok, so In regards to Murs latest Announcment about the lands Chatting to each other on what they should do about various things, I had a thought, And feel free to shoot me down if It really is a stupid idea... So we got the random lands that don't belong to anyone right? Archives, Tribunal etc. Wouldn't it be groovy if The main lands could conquer them, or put them under their rule or whatever. It would be a good opportunity for RP, and an awesome excuse for people to rally together. Or another idea is, that whichever alliances are outwaying all the others in a particular area (In terms of active players moving around there), get land bonuses etc as if it were their own turf. The areas would be in constant flux I guess, but it would encourage encampments in the more deserted lands. Anyways, that's just a few thoughts. P.s. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, hi everyone. lol P.p.s Hey it was in the wrong place after all, thanks for moving it. XD
  5. [quote name='Fenrir Greycloth' date='18 March 2010 - 04:28 AM' timestamp='1268843332' post='56548'] I agree with Chewett. I shall give free angiens to anyone who mentions this topic. (And can't get Angiens themselves.) [/quote] Aw well Now Im more keen to get one for free than to pay for it. lol.
  6. [quote name='eigger' date='17 March 2010 - 07:04 PM' timestamp='1268809473' post='56524'] 2 angiens for 1 silver coin [/quote] Aw yeah. I'm keen.
  7. What is it you need a drawing of?

  8. Hey hey =D. Hows it goin? Did you beam me out of Golemus per chance?

  9. Is listening to people nut out CSS, and jeeze. Am I bored.

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