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  1. Legend Speakers has yet another new member. Invie has also returned to the realm after an extended absence, and has distinguished himself as a playtester of quests. Please make him feel welcome!
  2. Okay, an example: You go to the "Barracks" and recruit one "Master Sargent" that fills a creature slot. He is alone, so has a base strength of N. You use him in 1 winning fight, and you may then recruit 1 soldier to follow him. The strength of the "unit" is now (square-root of 2) x N. Formula is N x square-root(1+X) where X is the number of active soldiers following the 1 leader. So each new soldier gives a smaller effective addition to the unit strength. 4 wins gets you #2, 9 gets you #3, 16 gets you #4 and so forth, but you have to go back to the Barracks to actually find them to recruit (costs AP & winertia), the cost going up as the square of the number in line. So each added soldier gets exponentially harder. If you LOSE a fight, you lose one soldier, but you may go back and recruit a replacement. You wander through the woods and encounter "poison ivy". One soldier goes on sick call, and can't be replaced, but if you find "calming ointment" then they return to active duty. So: The Master Sargent works just like a normal crit except he has 3 numbers more - max soldiers, current soldiers, and sick soldiers. His attack is calculated based on the formula N x square-root (1+current-sick). So the unit could be "Boy Scouts" or "Grasan Daycare" or "Archeologist Party" or "Alien Reconnaisance" or whatever, and the only real difference would be the words, the pictures, and maybe you'd adjust the base stats of the leader depending on flavor. Not really examined yet which stats would go up with number of soldiers. Attack yes, Defense maybe, others haven't thought it out. I originally assumed physical attacks only, but if it's a coven of witches, it might have non-physical attacks and the power would go up with numbers.
  3. Please welcome our newest alliance member, the Duke of Malfi. He is a quest maker, and has returned to the realm after an extended absence. He has many ideas for projects, and we can't wait to see what he gets into.
  4. Fyrd and all his alts have always had a problem getting the OOC chat box to check right. You had to position the mouse right along the bottom edge in order to register a click. Fyrd just got a25 tools, and now it works right for him, but not his alts, so it's not been fixed. It's just invisible to A25 users... which is everybody who could fix the problem. Catch 22.
  5. For the musically minded - the MDA's Gazebo of Gravitational Sound is now alive. Check it out! My first A25 project. What fun!
  6. The idea is to use a creature slot to hold the leader of a group of expendable types, whose number grows and falls with combat and in-game events. This could be Sargent & soldiers, Guide and native bearers, Chief and Indians, Chairman & yes-men, Captain & red-shirts, Thug and gang members, Spiritualist & haunts, etc. The flavor could actually matter, or just be window dressing set at time of recruitment (depending upon where you recruit them). In combat, every "loss" loses you a party member. It takes so many "wins" to be able to recruit an new member. In game, you could be struggling through rough times and lose party members, find a sanctuary and recruit more, or possibly heal wounded ones.
  7. Some dang thing running in background? Update? Virus Scan? Disk defrag? Surely not an actual virus.... :{
  8. Try bringing it roses and chocolate, maybe a candlelight dinner.....
  9. Fyrd Argentus


    Sometimes in story mode, there is a clickable you must find, rather than a dialog button. Just like with the dialog buttons, there may be a time interval before it activates and allows you to move forward. Don't search quick then give up - give it 15-30 seconds and search again.
  10. Go to your Items Inventory and click on the Correlations button at the top. This will show you what your various resources can be used to make. To find out what tools do, you need to find a place that they can be used in-game, to harvest the appropriate resource - or just ask someone.
  11. No such luck. Only the first line of this did not generate an error. @va=1; //@Va=2; //@vA=3; //@VA=4; echo @[email protected]@[email protected]"<br>"; Interestingly, output was "1VavAVA" Furthermore echo @VABROOM."<br>"; Generates output "VABROOM"
  12. Sure this should be "heat scars" rather than "Heat" under requirements.... 3 items in "extra features" in shop
  13. How embarrassing. Has MDScript always been case sensitive? And does this mean we have 104 variables to work with, not 26?
  14. Now this won't even work. Have we been hacked? Has php changed the way variables are defaulted to string vs numbers?
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