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  1. Hi, what ever you say Chewett, i don't think i remember either:). BTW could you kindly delete my above post? Thanks. E: there's no document here/around, except in my workspace-whatever. You can if you wish move this to, offtopic or what not such. Since i realize its inappropriate as there isn't a doc.
  2. Because i don't want to share it, from the depths of my heart and fibers of my mind its the honest truth. What's to stop you? Probably nothing, to stop Mur? I know he probably will/won't. In the years you learn things. E2: if this bothers you, consider this as me just logging my success/progress online. e3: merged the posts, in order - f you're saying i'm bluffing, i'm not, or at least i believe i'm not. Excuse me i've forget what i was also gonna say. So, a bit busy, so E: if its some kind of hint at humanity's common heritage or some such, i'm not the person for this. As many aren't. Unlike those however i'm more neutral to humanity, with least intervening as possible instead of malice.
  3. Hello, since my shade knowledge went uninterested (people etc, excuse me i'm busy so). If you are interested in anyway. Show me the riches.I won't be posting anything here. Particularly interested if Mur and similar people are interested. I can explain everything i'm saying once a deal is made. I can accept a new alliance as reward (of which i can reward to smo, don't have time to play that much). Not after treasure. If that is too much there are other stuff too, avatars etc, many. End of Flame (path). End of Darkness path Knowledge on Time principle (you'll never get this) Knowledge on Shades. This isn't roleplaying. Its more of a philosophic bla bla I'm only doing this because i feel bad of sorts and not blocking access to (my) knowledge. Nice day. .
  4. Selling shade definition, i'll make you/it (to) a nice doc as well if needed. Name your price/bid (prob not affordable). True definition i guess. Don't ask questions ;)

  5. Sent the rewards, pm me if there's a mistake. I guess topic can be closed if that is still hip.
  6. Is it? I sort of want to stop there. Let's see. Of course, i'd say 85 percent in some way, unless you are chosen as a prophet. However, language as a pure construct is possible too (breaking worlds/words?). Nice question. I don't want to add stuff here, thank you for reference, i didn't read it. Unless i understood everything wrongly... i'd say yes. Although i don't like where it takes the discussion. Is it some unknown magic? I won't be lazy and look at my notes (i was gonna), wait.. " like saying its too late, is like don't forget me is like" i sound confused..sorry. This was meant as this : saying 'too late', as in saying 'don't forget me', similar to acting on your intuition that would help you, a bit too lazily and late. As in loss of meaning via (your) proposed upper limit of language capability. For example, When you are 'too late', is it? or did you just made it? I've no idea what i've said. I tried to not have fun but wha' do you know. Honestly i don't know what to say? I'm not a fire maniac that i once was. So It could be whitey-with a very slight pinkey - or yellow, whatever would cause a nice tint on that shadowed white. How about some super cold weather for a change?(themes-meh). Cold is so underrated. I should say, i'm horrible at drawing, always been. I looked it up a bit to get a sense.Thanks. Trust and communication is nice, and i'm not just saying, however oversimplification in understanding (humans) ought to end badly. Nice question, of course, this was the whole point for me. There are extreme levels to knowledge that are available to humans by nature, and many more that aren't. But see it isn't without problems, like nonsense, can also make nonsense-sical structures. Although in general there can be a positive effect/flow whatever. Although, when you say know, it seems like sub-consciousness question which is i guess interesting, let me see. Or make believe imagination stuff, if so, of course. Wow you have horrible questions.. (not). Here, i have many but : ' if you don't end your thoughts, they don't end or begin necessarily when your mind focus is not there' Today is saturday, so i should judge..while i'm here. *drumroll**drumroll**drumroll**drumroll* STENO ........ 2nd place, questions are energetic and clever (1 gold) Duskwish ......... 1st place, epic/romantic (2 golds) Bashaw Steel ........ 3rd place, most my kind of thinking-mind, aka mind mesh-paste (err was it 5 silv) Bonus: Steno 3 silvers, Pipsticks 2 silvers. There you go, i'd very much appreciate if there some treasure keepers around that can contact me. If not, i'll send rewards next week or so. (i seriously don't have time- but you'll get it). Thanks to all participants. I may repeat the quest later. Have a nice weekend whatever.
  7. Not especially, nor they aren't. Thank you Steno for interesting questions, i have answers too. However wait a bit, i'll do it later/tonight since i'm very busy right now. Also didn't read the third one, seems a bit more heavy, which is better, ie a reward. Rewards, sorry, i said 21th however simply there wasn't enough questions. So i'll most possibly make it by this sunday. My main problem is to find the itc's for rewards among all this new interface i almost know nothing of. I'll send those via pm at forum after i declare winners. #allingoodtime
  8. Thanks for making me go-think about stuff. Like training on your own, it gets boring or useless otherwise. Rewards and results should be about around 3 weeks, lets say the other sunday-21th-ish for more questions. Keep in mind i may not answer or i may pick interesting questions if there's too many. I'll also try to add some bonus rewards to keep it more interesting-maybe. *Forgot to add, i don't care what the content of questions and answers. AT ALL. This is very important to me, and for participants to understand. So i'm not berating anyone when i say this is bla bla. I'm just thinking about that question as if it belongs to a neutral space of informative bla bla.
  9. Great, question. Since ALSO its interesting i'll try to answer. I can't say much about 'Roleplay' items specifically. Cause i never really though that much about roleplay aspect, and this requires multiple clusters to answer at once. I don't like this (since its technically a/one question- that i don't have one answer), it could be (roleplay aspect) about something similar to, how we see the world from the moment we are born, like starting a story (or rpg), its not only a fresh start, it also defines the time (manages it to a degree). Etc.. Points for MD related question. For the items themselves-any items in general, rather objects like, i have two thoughts: - Items are possible curse fighter, repeller(s). - Items are as fake formed(formation) things. How do you train your intuition? This is an unfortunate question Pip. How do you train your intuition? is the answer. Although points for raw talent and subject. - What is the shape of your perception? Err, again, the question structure.... And this reminds me of a song, its early i can't remember. I'm being a snob here but i can't be unfair. If you want to learn about perception you could ask what is the shape of one's perception, or what is the shape of (the) perception, technically...Sorry pip Although with respect and relation to first one, (for the second one), i can answer in some way somewhat. Intuition-perception, are both deep subjects, especially intuition, also is a sad subject in a way. Perception is somewhat easier, but again, i can't give long real answers like i did with Duskwish's, since your question style are wrong for it as i explained. Processing of information is (a) universe undefeated & Only a strained mind (may) choose symmettry. Points for not using 'you'. So i'll answer anyway both questions. 3 questions. Also interesting, thanks. + : yes, not really sure who else it could be and why. + by sentence structure, this is not a great one for ME to answer, since i'm literally a bit sloow and stupid when its riddle time and practicality time. I'll mumble as best i can regardless. : Is the same person, - there is a person-, same- of what?, as the one- who?-same or anyone else?, the one who writes your stories?- i'm just gonna ignore your(my) stories and think in general-ehmm, one?- who is one here exactly?-a higher power? or default unit (person) in general.. So there is 3 people here who can be anyone (told you i'm stupid)...Stories...hmmm. Life stories?-of these people? Are they the same? I think a liberal person, or a french person should really answer this question. I'm horrible at this, by nature and environment. They could say something like : "hashtag #stories am i right?" ...lol + methaphorically or technically, "do we write our own stories" to more technical stuff.. Much easier to answer.. : it is recursive without the linearity. But also, our vessels, are defining many rules-answer is in/by many distributed clusters Do we write our own stories as in, do we write our own destiny? Answer is yes!!!!!! this is actually huge, i guarantee you its yes. (however, this is also THE end question, tsk tsk tsk). Funny enough, both answers lead to same place, technically or destiny wise. YES
  10. @Aia del Mana I prefer if fellow Necrovians partipicated, and I appreciate Anti-hero type of thinking i guess, to explain shortly. @Fang ArchbaneWhat did i just told bro. Don't you have any respect , seriously though. Also no idea what that picture is, please don't make clutter.
  11. Hello all, I don't have much time to explain everything nicely. Lately my mind has been bending from amount of learning and research available to me, so i'd much welcome your interesting questions about the universe.. If you are sort of a lazy person or not, this is the (seemingly) perfect quest for you to participate. Ask me 1 to 3 questions here on this post. If i like any of them i'll reward 1 silver. I'll also pick 3 winners who will win 2 golds 1 gold and 1/2 gold(silver equivalent) respectively. Not more than 3 per person, or at best i'll ignore the rest. please , + no personal questions, this isn't a truth or dare game, ignore the title. + no illiterate or 3000 pages articles. It can be in another language, as long as it can be translated somewhat accurately. + no overly technical speciallization stuff i have no idea and, this isn't the Wikipeadia. Or weird vodoo systems. + i much rather prefer cool stuff like syntrophic dust or smt, even if its a bit illogical + i'm not looking for snippets(like quotes) or "goodies", although they are welcome, humor too is welcome + A fine example would be: * What is the world? (too general but fine) - Answer: This is a world * What is 1+1 ? (well..not really learning anything) * I'm bored, is this normal? (well i'm too so..) * Does the emotion, rage, stack naturally? (great!) = win, however non MD related so EDit: Also, here's a song, since i'm traditionally a music person. No i'm not russian. Trick here, i might think, is the right questions, as the title says. However there can't really be wrong questions as well.. I'm not planning to necessarily try more than necessary to answer anything at all, i just want the questions. I'm a bit of a rough person as you might know, but don't underestimate my intuitive vision..that may benefit you/ And despite the title everyone is welcome to ask questions. Mur as well.. That's about it, i'm sure i forgot a ton of things. (i always do).. *goes to re-re-order some spell papers* edit-Forgot to add: NO Fang Arch-bane!, Although i appreciate the amount the annoyance some people of MD can make sometimes.
  12. take care of not to (unknowingly) lift the others that are around you.

  13. Couldn't read the rest (too long) but i'm forever grateful Mur. Cause: "Over the years, in MD, many people learned things that eventually changed their life." if someone (from my friends) want some of that learnings, i'm happy to share. Best do it as question format. (you know about rules and laws). When i've time to check pm s, i'll enlighten you.
  14. Chapter 31 - Yellow Eyes Chapter 32 - Death of Sillarvr & Chapter 33- Livingfire are already up at my blog from 29 to 33 where i'll resume publishing the chapter at from now on. Hopefully then, the flooding of MD forum's activity page by this topic will be reduced since this is very distressing to me and MD shoud get back to its regular pace and regain its uninterrupted natural flow since this is also very distressing to me, even thought the latter is not really my fault. Anyway, THANKS and all, i COULD NEVER EVEN start without you (MD people) but now i think i got the gist of an experience of stiching together a story, all thanks to you. Previous chapters will also eventually be up at the blog. (not sure when, i'll get to it sometime). I'm not giving the adress since "enough self advertising" from me. If you can find it and want to read more, or have ANY FEEDBACK AND/OR QUESTIONS, feel free to pm me. Also, for the explanation of the "abrupt" change, i believe there is not much to say now, for me. Believe me i get it, at least to some degree i try to. However i do not care. Not really. I was going to hide the rest of the story at either Necro forum or the knowledge documents anyway starting at somewhere near 40th chapters so it'd not be immedeately accessable to public and was kinda hidden in plain sight. On second thought, a blog of my own is a better match for this purpose. The name of the book will be either Livingfire or "something with statues" . Since i have less motivation now, the chapters should roll slower but steadier. And you know, online-live, under the sight of all kind of writing has motivation wise its advantages and some pretty horrible/revolting disadvantages. Thanks again for your help, (MDwise i should get back to my retired status if you were wondering) and cheers.
  15. Chapter 30 - Bells : I'm trying a different style of writing in terms of time management. Let's see if this pans out.
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