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  1. i had something slightly different in mind (because i was thinking of how to minimize the actual coding needed - but then again, it's not the difficulty of coding that stops our devs from doing things, but the appeal and consistency of changes) an interesting idea, adn this way there's interaction between the creatures and the realm (via clickies or triggers, who knows); it may also be used in wars, but it looks like something that needs a few other things in MD to progress first
  2. THIS Congrats to the Legend Speakers
  3. can you give a clear example? i'm not sure i got it and it sounds interesting - further customization of creature page didn't cross my mind (like, have 'houses' inside of it and 'owners' i.e. crit leaders)
  4. Thing about images is - they may be worth a 1000 words, but they're just as incomplete as those words. Every little bit counts.
  5. If it's not too late, I would like 4x lockinchaos spellstones (item 7), please
  6. I'm so used to never using it in MD that if right click was present, it would feel weird at first (just as it's weird at first to play without it). I voted 'don't care' because i don't think it would change much for me.
  7. There's one in Marind Bell (or maybe 2), but I'm not gonna post them 'tis a spoiler (not really, but)
  8. Oops, kinda forgot about this. Here is something by someone who draws like someone who's been playing MD:
  9. That's an issue, as I don't know if that is what is desired. MD also has a strong 'solo' experience due to the many things to explore, puzzles, strategic play etc Obviously, it's an online game, but you must decide whether to make interactions between players predominantly roleplay, or strategic/combat play etc. Right now, MD is offering a little of everything, staying outside definition this implies there are some archetypes they could play, no? this asks for guidelines of sorts. Or, if you want the characters to be reflecting one's inner world (and stay outside 'frames') in an unique way, you need to offer them proper vessels/tools to light up their flame. I think what happened in MD was that all characters were simply players' reactions to other players, which showcased their own true character (hence 'the mirror') and roles such as priestess, pirate etc were just the superficial level. What i'm saying is that characters in MD were 'built' in the presence of the other players that's a great idea that's got some history behind it and it's not so much a bug as a something to operate on rather, you could have those special tools have a higher chance of obtaining the needed resource the reality shards are not fully explained/introduced, they'd need something like the fenths research texts, imo. There might be a question sign inside a new player's head, but they might also think the answer is somewhere else i disagree here (in MD, this is both a strategy and a principle) it's annoying, though, right?
  10. Last question is probably what the artist intended with this, although I look at it as a bear seeing its home destroyed and rushing to safety...where it will maim some humans. Anyway, Fyrd, this is the image I wanted a poem on and btw, entries don't have to be public
  11. I lurk about a certain website where I gawk at stuff; when something catches my eye, it makes me ponder. I'll be posting here a picture about which I'd be happy to hear your thoughts (thought that can come in various ways - a composition, a drawing, a handmade item). Basically, if what I post here stirs you in some way, you can send me your reaction. Rewards will be based on the effort and insight. This week's image is:
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