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  1. I prepared & recorded a little performance for this event a while ago, but I’m not sure if this event will continue in the near future so just want to share with you guys here before I completely forget/delete it~ I hope you enjoy~
  2. Sorry for the late reply, I fully understand your situation BSR, here is the link to my gallery~~~
  3. [Updated] Project suspended due to lack of participants.
  4. This is a beautiful & high res artwork! with the new wings you can fly with Lin now~~~ 💞
  5. Hey Aia thank you so much for your valuable feedback. You are an amazing quest designer/planner & writer, your contribution is more than welcome! I will team up with A25 user and contact you soon.
  6. I was thinking some ideas about how to make a series of scene arts more quickly & effortlessly, so players can have a quick/one time adventure or mini quest/festival event in MD for fun, or maybe even for A25 users to train/practice their tool, skill & creativity. This is how it works~ mainly I just need to draw EVERYTHING (included all items/doors/triggers etc) in a single sheet of paper and make them all clickable & glow separately. Then the A25 users can mix & match all the clickies freely in the frame and create their own scenes & puzzles, of coz we can add few more extra drawings for important scenes later so they'll look more special. Still, this method is very good to reduce workload & generate creative scenes for the fun adventure. Below are some of my concept sketches & examples(eg: Escape Room theme) only, I think you can get the basic idea~
  7. Sushi

    Skill Set

    Hey, here is another preview that I made a while ago, do you think the current in-game layout(icons spacing) on the general profile is a bit crowded? which one better? please comment~ (actually nth important, just a little OCD. :P) *please ignore the left side & arrow.
  8. Sushi

    Sushi Bar & Gallery

    Welcome~ thank you for stopping by. Feel free to grab a drink and take a look around! (please do not copy or use without my permission)
  9. Wowowowowowowo YAY! (pls check the MD avatar colouring contest too~)
  10. Sushi

    The Child

    Wow interesting! May I ask you more about it? (privately of coz :P) Ungod & Bash Chelik were trying to make a group of characters for the story/quest, but unfortunately not much progress had been made so far.
  11. Sushi


    Thank you so much for your feedback, really appreciate it! I like your artworks too Lazarus, pls draw more~
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