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  1. No idea how this works, if I' ve got this right, what restrictions there can be, or if the following are even feasible (the jab is messing with my head), but here's my two cents anyways. So, in exchange for heads, and since randomicity could render this whole thing gambling, one could not only win but loose something too. Thus, some of them random elements in the pool could be: 1. Get all resources off a random scene (catch: random scene has no resources to begin with or are depleted). 2. Get a random item off a random player who has already used this feature and lose one of their own to said random player. 3. Get bounties with permanent upgrades or downgrades of stats. 4. If the pool is large enough (along with tools, resources, crits etc it´s bound to be), there could be one single option for something super special (wishpoint or rare creature etc) and one single option for nothing at all. 5. Clickie could assign a "mission impossible" to the player, to be accomplished within a certain time frame, a nice reward if achieved and a (pray not so) terrible penalty if not. 6. Most of you must already have been all over the realm. For the new players, though, it would be most interesting (and utterly dangerous of course but that´s gambling for you!) to have the opportunity to get teleported to a yet unvisited scene and walk freely from there for... dunno, a couple of minutes, just so as not to get killed by guards or something. For more experienced players, it would be interesting too, because the places they haven't been to yet must be... super duper abatons. 7. Of course, players should be warned before using talking heads with elements like the above. Whatever the random element, talking head could give three hints on three different elements for the player to choose from.
  2. UMCS stands for... what exactly? Sorry if this been answered before.
  3. Yeah, I know, thanks! I have a feeling we´ll see each other tomorrow!
  4. I'm really excited to be back after... dunno... 9 years or so. Thing is, I have even less time this time around and this s*cks big time. I see the realm has evolved (which is gr8), I discover them differences (which is awesome), try to study new mechanics (that's not so gr8), try to take in and make sense of the new interface, check who's still here, remember how addictive MD is, even started a quest or two, but anyways, it's nice to see how dedicated some of you have been all these years, I actually envy you and regret having to leave back then. But anyways, I start fresh and hope to manage to develop my character despite my lack of time and meet some, if not all, of you in the Realm.
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